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Janaka grew up in a small country town called Meegahathenna, in the Kalutura District of Sri Lanka. Janaka recalls that from about the age of 6 years he had a calling towards religious, spiritual and meditation teachings.

His first experience of this religious, spiritual calling came at a tender age of 8 years. Janaka remembers he suddenly drew a figure of Lord Buddha on the sand in his home, which was approximately 24 feets long. From this drawing on the sand he saw a vision of 'Budu Rass' known as a radiance/aura emanate from the figure of Lord Buddha.

Janaka was astounded, and he called out to his mother, and as his mother was approaching him a heavy rainfall came down and washed away the figure of Lord Buddha on the sand. He recalls sitting down and crying, he didn't know why he cried; he changed from that moment and felt the birth of his religious and spiritual journey began from this day.

Janaka, thereafter continued to live a normal life, however this religious and spiritual gift was slowly birthing inside him. He continued to worship and lean towards the teachings and doctrines of Lord Buddha. Janaka also venerated and worshiped other Hindu Gods such as Lord Vishnu, God Gambara (God Sooniyam, God Katharagama. These Gods also played a lead role in his religious and spiritual walk.

At the age of 15 years to further develop his studies in cultural dance area he attended 'Horana SriPali' College. In the interim Janaka had this burning passion and dream to visit India, the birth place of Lord Buddha. Whilst studying Janaka felt this hunger to learn more about religious and spiritual knowledge, this feeling grew stronger by the day.

At this time Janaka had a vision of his own life ahead of him. This gift came to him at a very early age. Janaka told Venerable Mahanayaka Galapitagala Siriniwasa Thero about this vision he had seen. He also told about this burning passion inside him where he wanted to go to India to gain further insight into the life of Lord Buddha.

Janaka received a pleasant surprise the following week, The Thero told him to get ready the following week as the Indian Chief Priest Venerable Julampitiye Gnana Rathana thero was arriving in Sri Lanka, and he should get ready to go with him to India. It was the most exciting news Janaka recalls he had, and he shared this information with his close childhood friend Manori Wijegunawardana, who assisted him to pack his belongings and get ready for this trip.

Janaka landed in India in the year 1995 to further his studies in the traditional religious and spiritual knowledge and practices. Janaka was residing at the Indian High Priest's Professor Venerable Kamburupitiye Chandrarathana Thero's residence. This priest was overlooking the Budda Gaya, Shravasthi (this is where Lord Buddha took residence for a period of 19 years), Sankassa, some of the prominent religious and spiritual places of worship in India and where Lord Buddha started his journey in life.

Janaka was fortunate to go with this priest and be trained in traditional religious practices and meditation associated to Buddhism and Hinduism, and follows the teachings and doctrines of Buddhism. During this period he recalls being transported to the spiritual world, and he had many visions of what lay in the future.

Janaka told me about another significant event that occurred to him during this period he was meditating. When he was getting off a bus in India, a Hindu Priest came towards him and told him that he will marry and have a daughter in the next few years. However, the Hindu Priest told him that after this he will be called upon to serve humanity in a bigger way and he must fulfil his calling to impart his gift in spirituality and medication work. Janaka wanted to bless him with a few Indian rupees and the priest declined it. He gave Janaka a 'Rudraksha Seed' (A blessing seed) and then left him. Janaka has this with him in his purse to date.

Janaka whilst living in India got the opportunity to travel to the 'Himalaya'. The places he visited and meditated are at 'Gangothri' (The River is considered as the holiest river of India for centuries. The origin of river Gangothri in Himalayan Mountains range is said to be the most prestigious place of pilgrimage for Hindus), 'Yamunothri' (The Shrine of Yamunotri, source of river Yamuna is situated in the direction opposite to Gangotri), 'Badrinath' (Became the abode of Lord Vishnu), 'Kidarinath' (This is a place where all the Hindu gods decesnded to worship and pray), 'Vishnudevi' (A place of worship of God Vishnu), 'Reshikesh' (This is where people went to learn about Buddhism and Hinduism, and perform religious, spiritual and mediation activities), 'Dehradoon' (Considered a place fit for meditation & worship), 'Kamakya Temple' (A powerful place of worship for God Durga), 'Assam' (a place of worship in India), these were religious and spiritual places that was hard to visit. Janaka stated he had a burning passion to visit these places of worship. Janaka spent many months in the worship and religious places in India that helped him to acquire the many religious and spirituals gifts he has achieved today.

Janaka assisted the Venerable Kotapola Amarakiththi Thero' who visited India. He coordinated the 'Rose-bud' pooja with the 'Shanthi foundation in Sri Lanka' that was held for many years in India. During this period Janaka felt his spiritual gifts were getting stronger. Janaka spend many years with many Buddhist and Hindu Spiritual and religious Leaders that also taught him Astrology, face readings, palm reading etc. Janaka left India after completing his studies.

In the years 2002/2003 Janaka returned to Sri Lanka he made contact with his childhood friend Manori who had also qualified in the cultural studies, and he had felt she was to be his partner and decided to marry her. He told me this is one of the best things that happened to him. His wife Manori has supported him further in this religious and spiritual journey. She also has made many sacrifices to assist Janaka with his religious and spiritual vocation. They have a beautiful daughter who is 4 years of age.

Janaka then kept a big Pooja for several days to God Gambara. After this big Pooja, which lasted for one month Janaka stated his home and garden was covered with Butterflies, and there were several other animals that came to the surrounding area in his home where he practiced his religious and spiritual activities.

Janaka started to see people for various problems and started to use his religious and spiritual gifts to assist them. Janaka reads Horoscopes, face readings, palmistry and all other aspects of religious, spiritual and meditation things to assist people in their day to day lives.

Janaka decided to come to Australia, and he faced several hardships during this transition at the beginning, however Janaka's passion to do religious and spiritual work continued to grow in Australia and he continued to practice and serve the community from Hampton Park.

Janaka has been approached by several people in Australia who have been very happy with his religious and spiritual activities he did, invited him to be the Priest of the Association to continue his religious, spiritual and meditation work, impart Buddhism and Hinduism, teachings of Lord Buddha's doctrines, Yoga and other knowledge he has gained over twenty five years.

Janaka agreed to this, and as a result the community has assisted to incorporate an Association dedicated to this venture. Janaka hopes to impart this special gift he has received. Some of the things he plans to achieve are as follows:

  • Using his spiritual gifts to conduct various pooja (Blessings) to help people to overcome their day to day obstacles
  • Help people who want to do meditation and learn Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Conduct Yoga, meditation classes, and other teachings to attain spirituality
  • Horoscope readings, palmistry, face readings, etc.
  • Assist all those who live in Australia in religious and spiritual activities
  • To be a stronger follower of Lord Buddha's teachings and doctrines and Hinduism
  • These spiritual gifts he has received will benefit all who live in Australia

As Janaka's began the life in search of religious and spiritual fulfilment, at an unusually early age, he often said that his spiritual journey didn't truly begin until he received shaktipat, spiritual initiation, from the teachings of Lord Buddha and other Hindu Gods. It was then that his spiritual energy, kundalini, was awakened, and he was drawn into profound states of meditation. Twenty five (25) years later, he attained the state of holiness.

Janaka is a stronger follower of Lord Buddha's teachings and doctrines and Hinduism. Janaka hopes these spiritual gifts he has received will benefit all who live in Australia.




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